Bride of Frankenstein or TOP stars who have obviously gone too far with plastic surgery

As the saying goes, beauty is a terrible power, and being in an aspiration of the perfect appearance some of the female representatives forget about any adequacy. So, women, wishing to make their appearance even more perfect, use plastic surgeons and agree to various kinds of interventions and injections. But is it as harmless as it seems? After all, many have already paid with their “sweet” face and now they cannot even restore their original appearance. What is surprising, celebrities in this matter are not an exception and here are the TOP of those with whom plastic operations played a cruel joke.

• Emmanuelle Beart

When, in 2003, a photo of nude Beart adorned the July issue of the French Elle, the magazine was sold out from kiosks literally in a day. But the editors not casually chose a photo in which the actress is in the sea turned with her back to the camera. The thing is that in this way they managed to hide the consequences of the numerous interventions of plastic surgeons, due to which the face of Emmanuelle looks awful at the moment. The actress made her first plastic surgery at the age of 27, having enlarged her lips. Subsequently, she had to do more than one operation, trying to correct each of the previous ones. Today, 54-year-old Emmanuelle Beart is one of the most vehement opponents of plastic surgery. In her interviews, the actress more than once confessed that this experience had traumatized her very deeply and from one thought of an injection she shudders.

• Elsa Patton

It is quite possible to confuse the actress with a character from a horror movie, although, in fact, just a rich American woman once decided that it was better to prick her face with a Botox than to allow any wrinkles to appear on it. And so it started ... Today, 76-year-old socialite and a participant of the reality show "Housewives of Miami" has become the favorite character of many American tabloids. Thanks to her participation in the most popular TV show, Elsa appears at social events, parties and the red carpet very often. But, to be honest, looking at her, you realize how, sometimes, is important to stop in time.

• Meg Ryan

Since the end of the 70s, Meg's pretty face has often flashed into every new and well-known film, driving crazy the crowd of fans. But, naturally, over some time, the wrinkles began to appear on the face of the actress. Not wishing to succumb to the time influence, she rushed to “save” her face, full lips and dimples on her cheeks. Unfortunately, the actress is so got involved that now it hard to recognize her at all. Once disappeared from the screens in the 2000s for quite a long time, she suddenly appeared at one of the events and, literally, shocked everyone with her appearance. Having made her lips much plump and filled in her cheekbones with fillers, one could hardly recognize sweet old Meg in her.

• Kim Basinger

And although Kim still does not have any wrinkles and is shooting in erotic films, it is already difficult to call her the perfect beauty. For the first time the actress used a plastic surgeon in her youth: at that time, she dared on the plastic of the nose and lips. Now it is clear that Kim has become more difficult to cope with facial expressions, because her face is overtightened and too pricked with Botox. Fans of the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”, where Basinger performed the role of the former mistress of the main character, were especially convinced of this.

And do you know the actors who have been spoiled their faces with a plastic surgery? How do you personally feel about such procedures?



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