Science mercilessly exposed the facts...

Science mercilessly exposed the facts we believed in since childhood

Tell me, did you also think since childhood that chameleons change color, because they disguise themselves from the enemy, or that a crunch in your fingers will lead to arthritis in old age, or is it possible that cockroaches will survive anyway, even at an atomic war? Alas, we should upset you, because science, as usual, has found irrefutable evidence and exposed even the most "truthful" facts from our childhood. So, are you ready?

№1. Chameleons change their color to hide from the enemy

This is not quite true. The first reason why they change the color is to communicate in this way with their own kind. It may be a kind of reaction to other males, or a manifestation of the desire to attract a female. Also, color changes can often be related to the internal states of a chameleon (for example, a feeling of hunger, fear, illness) or some external factors (temperature, humidity, lighting). Thus, merging with the environment, most likely, the animal is really just scared of something. But, as it turned out, the disguise was not the only reason for such a phenomenon.

№2. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place

It does and how! It can do it twice and sometimes three times, and even more. So, in 2014, the three highest-rated skyscrapers in Chicago grabbed as well over 17 hits for one "fine" June evening!

№3. If you crack your fingers, they will be sick when you become old

But that's not exactly so! Scientists came to the conclusion that arthritis - inflammation of the joints, because of which, in fact, you can have a pain in your old age, can be invoked with anything, from genetics and trauma and ending with age and excess weight. But the only thing what the habit of cracking your fingers can do is to strongly irritate others.

№4. Bananas grow on trees

Who told you this? In fact, bananas grow on the grass. True, sometimes this grass reaches such a size that, indeed, it can easily be taken as a tree. But nevertheless, neither trees, bushes, nor even palms have anything to do with bananas. After all, a plant whose fruit is a banana, has large leaves, but not a tree trunk - and that's why it is referred to the grass. And many still argue: so, in this case, the banana refers to fruits or berries?

№5. Cockroaches can survive even an atomic war

Don’t hurry with such conclusions. Yes, it's true that cockroaches live on earth longer than people. And yes, it's true that it's hard to get rid of them. And yes, even the fact that unlike us, they are more resistant to radiation, also true. But the nuclear explosion will not spare anybody and in such a situation the cockroaches are just as doomed as all other creatures.

By the way, the "truth serum" does not really make people say the truth, but that is another story. And what interesting "irrefutable" facts would you like to expose? Or maybe scientists have already outstripped you?



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