How to restore broken eye shadows...?

Probably every woman at least once in her life has had a trouble, when her favorite eye shadows, blush or powder were broken. Usually, we just throw it away reluctantly and run to the store to buy a new one. But as it often happens that from the entire palette is scattered exactly our favorite shade or blush that most ideally suits the tone of our skin, or the unique powder brought by a your friend from her overseas travel - you will agree that in such cases, the throwing process becomes especially unpleasant, cause to find a replacement is not so easy. That is why I hasten to share with you a little secret, which with minimal effort will help you not only to return your pallet the ideal look, but also convenience in usage.

All you need is a little of medical alcohol, a toothpick-stick, a spoon, a small piece of cloth and, if it’s possible, a coin or a metal small square that repeats the shape of your shadows or powder. And a little patience, of course!

Well, let's move on to step-by-step instructions on how to restore your broken eye shadows, blush, highlighter or powder.

step-by-step instructions

First of all, after you brush all unnecessary, gently smash with a toothpick-stick your shade or powder, making it as small as possible. Usually, it's easy enough, because with the slightest pressure, the material is scattered into powder. When the shadows, powder or blush become crumbly, add a small amount of a medical alcohol into them. For more convenience, you can use a medicine dropper or syringe. By the way, instead of medical alcohol you can use ordinary vodka, but then the mixture is dried a little longer. After the shadow or powder were sufficiently wetted, put a piece of cloth on it and push it with a spoon, thereby compressing and aligning mixture. Try to grab all the areas, so that the shadows or powder evenly lie in the box. After that, put a coin or a metal square on top of the shadow. Don’t worry if you don’t have a coin or a square of the right shape - in this case, you can just press the shadow with your fingers through the cloth. This is necessary to absorb excess medical alcohol. Then remove that piece of cloth and give your shadows, blush or powder to dry.

As you can see, everything is very easy and simple. And I’m sure that many professional make-up artists use this secret. Cause, if you add a little glycerin along with medical alcohol, you can make the pressed or creamy shadows out of crumbly, and also in a similar way from the different shades of cosmetics you can make up your own. And nevertheless, what is the most important, that the given method helps to rescue, as it can seems to you, already irrevocably spoiled, favorite cosmetics!



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